Independent lab! Invest more than millions!

Zhejiang Standard Valve Company is a well-known manufacturer of valves and heating systems, we have been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. We know that in today’s fierce market competition, product quality is the key to win the trust of the market and customers.

To this end, we have a national CNAS certification laboratory, which can carry out experimental testing of national standards, European standards and other standards for products. We are equipped with a full set of standard testing equipment for water valves and air valves and heating systems so on.

From raw material analysis to product performance data testing, to product life testing, we can do our best in quality control of each important link of the product. This ensures that every product we produce meets high standards and high quality requirements.

Updating laboratory equipment will be a large investment, but it can increase the productivity and efficiency of the laboratory, while also improving the precision and accuracy of experiments. In the laboratory, the correct tools and equipment are the key to achieving good experimental results.


Besides, our company implements ISO9001 quality management system. We always believe that quality assurance and customer trust are based on stable product quality. Only by inspecting products strictly in accordance with international standards and keeping up with the pace of the world can we gain a firm foothold in the domestic and foreign markets and achieve considerable development.

Our team is composed of experienced engineers and professional technicians, constantly exploring and developing more perfect products. We continue to improve production efficiency and management level, and win the trust and choice of customers with higher quality products and better services.

In the future, we will always be committed to quality, service, innovation, and development, creating greater value for customers and making greater contributions to society!

Post time: May-10-2023