Standard development history

Zhejiang Standard Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “STA”) was established in 1984, initially focusing on the production of automotive instrumentation and camera accessories.


However, in 1993, the company began to transform, specializing in the manufacture of pipe fittings and valves.


In 2002, STA built a new factory building covering an area of 100,000 square meters and obtained ISO9001 certification, which indicated that STA has strengthened quality management and focused on the overall level of products.


With the improvement of product quality and continuous expansion of business, STA completed the trademark registration in 2006 and established an international sales department.


In 2009, STA completed trademark registration in more than 40 countries around the world and established a valve testing center. As a valve manufacturer, STA needs to ensure product quality and check whether it meets national standards and customer requirements. This center helps to improve STA’s manufacturing efficiency and quality control level, enabling the company to achieve a higher degree of trust in the market.


In 2012, STA improved the automation equipment of the manufacturing workshop, and also promoted the company’s technical optimization and upgrading.


In 2014, STA also fully upgraded the management system and introduced the erp management system software. The upgrade of this management system provides support for STA’s reproduction and helps the company better grasp inventory and process management.


In 2016, Wellhausen, Germany and STA reached a strategic cooperation, which opened up the continuous expansion of the global market and provided a broader field for STA to further improve product quality and technical level.


In 2018, STA carried out share reform to further optimize the company’s organizational structure and shareholders’ rights and interests, and improve the company’s transparency and capital efficiency.


So far, STA’s main business is valves, fittings, and HVAC products. With high-quality valves as the core, STA is committed to providing customers with higher-standard products and services to bring better user experience. In the future, STA will continue to explore new markets with a higher attitude and realm, win more customer satisfaction and trust, and continuously improve its product quality to bring customers a better experience.


Post time: May-10-2023