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Magnetic dirt remover is a device that can remove metal particle pollution in liquid pipelines. It utilizes the magnetic force of high-strength permanent magnets to adsorb metal particles in the pipeline onto the magnetic filter screen, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning. Magnetic cleaners are widely used in industrial fields, including water treatment, petrochemicals, metallurgy, fertilizers, light industry, electricity, building materials, and other industries. The specific application areas include: 1. Boiler system: Magnetic dirt remover can remove metal particles in the boiler system, prevent pipeline blockage and equipment damage, and improve the operating efficiency and lifespan of the system. 2. Cooling system: Magnetic dirt remover can remove metal particles in the cooling system, protect the cooling equipment, and reduce maintenance costs. 3. Oilfield exploitation: Magnetic dirt removers can remove metal particles in oilfield exploitation, protect oilfield equipment, and improve oilfield exploitation efficiency. 4. Chemical production: Magnetic dirt removers can prevent pollutants from entering the production process in chemical production, ensuring product quality and production safety. In short, magnetic dirt removers are an efficient and reliable dirt removal equipment that can be widely used for the cleaning and protection of liquid pipelines and equipment. This product has CE certification.

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1. Established in 1984, we are a distinguished manufacturer specializing in valves.
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1. Our company boasts an extensive array of manufacturing capabilities within the same industry. We have a robust infrastructure, including over 20 forging machines, more than 30 diverse valve options, HVAC manufacturing turbines, over 150 small CNC machine tools, 6 manual assembly lines, 4 automated assembly lines, and an impressive suite of advanced manufacturing equipment. Our unwavering commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and stringent production control measures allows us to deliver prompt and exceptional service to our valued customers.
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STA adheres to the service philosophy of "everything for customers, creating customer value", focuses on customer needs, and achieves services that "exceed customer expectations and industry standards" with first-class quality, speed, and attitude.


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