STA Thread Long Handle Brass Ball Valve Tap Water Double Inner Thread Valveinterception, regulation, flow control

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Long handle brass ball valve is a manually controlled spherical valve, which is made of all brass material, making it corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and pressure resistant. The long handle design makes it easy for people to open or close valves over long distances. The product features include valve body, valve core, valve stem, sealing ring, handle, etc. It is easy to operate and has a long service life. Commonly used in fields such as HVAC, plumbing, construction, and chemical engineering, it can be used for intercepting, regulating, and controlling the flow of media in pipelines. This product has CE certification.

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Why choose STA as your partner

1. Established in 1984, we are a reputable manufacturer specializing in valves, known for our professionalism and expertise.
2. Possessing a monthly capacity of one million units, we ensure prompt delivery, facilitating our ability to meet strict schedules.
3. Every valve is subjected to rigorous individual testing, guaranteeing exceptional performance and quality.
4. Our commitment to strict quality control and punctual delivery guarantees the reliability and stability of our products.
5. We prioritize timely response and effective communication, providing seamless support from pre-sales to after-sales service.
6. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is comparable to the nationally recognized CNAS certified facility. It empowers us to conduct comprehensive experimental testing on our water and gas valves, adhering to national, European, and other applicable standards. Equipped with a complete set of standard testing equipment, we thoroughly analyze raw materials, perform product data testing, and conduct life testing. By achieving stringent quality control in every crucial aspect of our products, we exemplify our commitment to excellence. Our company operates under the ISO9001 quality management system, underscoring our dedication to quality assurance. We firmly believe that building customer trust relies on maintaining consistent, high-quality standards. By strictly adhering to international testing protocols and keeping pace with global advancements, we establish a strong foothold in both domestic and foreign markets.

Key competitive advantages

1. With an extensive array of assets at our disposal, our company possesses over 20 forging machines, more than 30 distinct valve types, HVAC manufacturing turbines, over 150 small CNC machines, 6 manual assembly lines, 4 automatic assembly lines, and a comprehensive range of advanced manufacturing equipment within our industry. Our unwavering commitment to maintaining stringent quality standards and rigorous production control allows us to deliver prompt responses and provide customers with top-tier service.
2. We have the capability to manufacture a diverse range of products tailored to customer specifications and designs. Moreover, for sizable order quantities, we eliminate the need for mold costs, providing a cost-effective solution to our clients.
3. As a company, we warmly invite cooperation for OEM/ODM services, acknowledging and embracing the importance of working together to fulfill the distinctive needs and preferences of our clients.
4. We wholeheartedly welcome sample orders and trial orders, acknowledging the importance of enabling customers to evaluate our products firsthand. By accommodating these orders, we exemplify our commitment to customer satisfaction and the establishment of trust.

Brand service

STA abides by the customer-centric principle of "all for the sake of clients, generating customer worth", concentrates on client requirements, and reaches the service objective of "outperforming customer anticipations and field norms" through exceptional superiority, velocity, and approach.


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