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A pressure reducing valve is a device used to control and maintain fluid pressure within a certain range. It can reduce high-pressure steam or gas fluid to the required pressure as needed to ensure the safety and stability of system operation. The composition of the pressure reducing valve mainly includes the valve body, valve disc, spring, adjusting screw, and other parts. The valve body is the main body of the pressure reducing valve, and suitable materials such as copper, cast iron, stainless steel, etc. are usually selected. The valve disc is a key part of controlling the fluid, usually using a cylindrical or conical structure. The spring is the source of force for adjusting the valve disc, while the adjusting screw is used to adjust the pressure of the spring. Application field: Pressure reducing valves are widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, and power, mainly to control the pressure of gases and steam. In petroleum and chemical production, pressure reducing valves are widely used for the control and regulation of high-pressure gases to ensure the safety and stability of the entire system operation; In the power industry, pressure reducing valves are mainly used to control the pressure of the power system of boilers and turbine units, converting it into mechanical and electrical energy output; In industries such as steel and metallurgy, pressure reducing valves are one of the main equipment for controlling and regulating high-temperature and high-pressure gases, ensuring the safety and stability of system operation. This product has CE certification.

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1. Established in 1984, we have been recognized as a reputable manufacturer specializing in valves, known for our expertise in the field.
2. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce up to 1 million sets of valves each month, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery.
3. Each and every valve undergoes meticulous testing as part of our comprehensive quality assurance process.
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6. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is comparable to the prestigious national CNAS certified laboratory. It is equipped with a complete range of standard testing equipment for water and gas valves, enabling us to conduct rigorous experimental testing in compliance with national, European, and other relevant standards. By ensuring optimal quality control in every crucial aspect of our products, from raw material analysis to product data testing and life testing, we maintain our commitment to excellence. Additionally, our company adheres to the ISO9001 quality management system. We firmly believe that quality assurance and customer trust are built on a foundation of stable quality. By strictly adhering to international standards and staying attuned to global advancements, we establish a strong presence in both domestic and foreign markets.

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1. Our company boasts a comprehensive range of manufacturing resources within the same industry. With a lineup of more than 20 forging machines, over 30 diverse valve options, HVAC manufacturing turbines, over 150 small CNC machine tools, 6 manual assembly lines, 4 automatic assembly lines, and an array of advanced manufacturing equipment, we are fully committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and stringent production control measures. Our unwavering dedication enables us to deliver immediate responses and provide customers with exceptional service.
2. Leveraging customer-provided drawings and samples, we have the capability to manufacture a wide variety of products. Moreover, for substantial order quantities, there is no requirement for additional mold costs.
3. We extend a warm invitation for OEM/ODM processing, encouraging customers to collaborate with us in bringing their unique ideas and designs to fruition.
4. We gladly accept sample requests and trial orders, allowing customers to experience the quality and functionality of our products firsthand before making larger commitments.

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STA adheres to the service philosophy of "everything for customers, creating customer value", focuses on customer needs, and achieves services that "exceed customer expectations and industry standards" with first-class quality, speed, and attitude.


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