STA Innovative Dirt Separators In Composite With Magnet Fast Cleaning Of Pipes And Equipment Keeping Your Equipment Running Efficiently

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The magnetic Separator mainly includes a magnetic filter screen and a shell. It is usually made of high-grade permanent magnet materials, which have strong magnetic adsorption capacity and can absorb rust, scale and other solid dirt. The housing is made of corrosion-resistant material to protect the magnetic filter and prevent leaks. The main purpose of it is to remove dirt and deposits from pipes, equipment and systems. It can be widely used in industrial production, chemical industry, HVAC and other fields. Specific uses include: Cleaning pipes: The magnetic decontamination device can be used to clean pipes of various specifications, remove the dirt and sediment attached to the inside, and ensure the smooth flow and operating efficiency of the pipes. Protect equipment: It can absorb the rust and particles inside the pipeline and equipment, prevent it from damage and wear to the equipment, and prolong the service life of the equipment. Improve production efficiency: By removing dirt and sediment from pipes and equipment, it can improve equipment operation efficiency, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and increase production efficiency. Improve the operating environment: It can purify the fluid, remove impurities and harmful substances, improve the operating environment, and protect the health and safety of employees. In a word, it is an efficient and reliable cleaning equipment that can provide a comprehensive cleaning solution for your pipelines and equipment, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment and prolonging its service life. This product has CE certification.

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Why choose STA as your partner

1. Professional valve manufacturer, originated in 1984
2. Monthly production capacity of 1 million sets, achieving rapid delivery
3. We will test each valve
4. Strict quality control and on-time delivery to ensure reliable and stable quality
5. Timely response and communication from pre-sales to after-sales
6. The company's laboratory is comparable to the national CNAS certified laboratory and can conduct experimental testing on products according to national, European, and other standards. We have a complete set of standard testing equipment for water and gas valves, from raw material analysis to product data testing and life testing. Our company can achieve optimal quality control in every important part of our products. The company adopts the ISO9001 quality management system. We believe that quality assurance and customer trust are built on stable quality. Only by strictly testing products according to international standards and keeping up with the pace of the world can we establish a firm foothold in domestic and foreign markets.

Key competitive advantages

The company has over 20 forging machines, over 30 various valves, HVAC manufacturing turbines, over 150 small CNC machine tools, 6 manual assembly lines, 4 automatic assembly lines, and a series of advanced manufacturing equipment in the same industry. We firmly believe that with high-quality standards and strict production control, we can provide customers with instant response and high-level service.
2. We can produce various products based on customer drawings and samples,
If the order quantity is large, there is no need for mold costs.
3. Welcome OEM/ODM processing.
4. Accept samples or trial orders.

Brand service

STA adheres to the service philosophy of "everything for customers, creating customer value", focuses on customer needs, and achieves "exceeding customer expectations and industry standards" with first-class quality, speed, and attitude


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