STA straight thermostatic radiator valve with union, sand blast and nickel plated, capable of installing temperature control head.

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A straight thermostatic radiator valve is a device designed to control the heating temperature of a radiator.
It has the following characteristics:

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Product Description:

A straight thermostatic radiator valve is a device designed to control the heating temperature of a radiator.
It has the following characteristics:
Temperature control: The straight thermostatic radiator valve has a built-in temperature sensor and adjustment mechanism, which can sense the indoor temperature and automatically adjust the valve opening to achieve a constant indoor temperature.
Precise adjustment: The straight thermostatic radiator valve can adjust the heating temperature within a certain range according to the user's needs. The opening of the valve can be changed by rotating the adjustment handle on the valve, thereby adjusting the heating effect of the radiator.
High efficiency and energy saving: The straight thermostatic radiator valve can automatically adjust the valve opening according to changes in indoor temperature, allowing the radiator to heat within a constant temperature range, avoiding overheating or undercooling, thereby reducing energy waste and achieving Energy saving effect.
Safe and reliable: Straight thermostatic radiator valves are usually made of high-quality materials and manufactured through rigorous processes. They have good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and can operate stably for a long time to ensure the safety and reliability of the heating system.
Straight thermostatic radiator valves are suitable for all types of radiators, such as those in plumbing and heating systems. It can perform intelligent control according to indoor temperature requirements, provide a comfortable heating environment, save energy, and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction. It is an important component of the heating system, providing users with a more convenient, smart and comfortable heating experience.

Why choose STA as your partner:

1. Professional valve manufacturer, originated in 1984
2. Monthly production capacity of 1 million sets, achieving rapid delivery
3. Each of our valves will be tested
4. Strict quality control and on-time delivery to ensure reliable and stable quality
5. Timely response and communication from pre-sales to after-sales
6. The company's laboratory is comparable to the national CNAS certified laboratory and can conduct experimental testing on products according to national, European, and other standards. We have a complete set of standard testing equipment for water and gas valves, from raw material analysis to product data testing and life testing. Our company can achieve optimal quality control in every important part of our products. The company adopts the ISO9001 quality management system. We believe that quality assurance and customer trust are built on stable quality. Only by strictly testing products according to international standards and keeping up with the pace of the world can we establish a firm foothold in domestic and foreign markets.

Key competitive advantages

The company has over 20 forging machines, over 30 various valves, HVAC manufacturing turbines, over 150 small CNC machine tools, 6 manual assembly lines, 4 automatic assembly lines, and a series of advanced manufacturing equipment in the same industry. We firmly believe that with high-quality standards and strict production control, we can provide customers with instant response and high-level service.
2. We can produce various products based on customer drawings and samples,
If the order quantity is large, there is no need for mold costs.
3. Welcome OEM/ODM processing.
4. Accept samples or trial orders.

Brand Services

STA adheres to the service philosophy of "everything for customers, creating customer value", focuses on customer needs, and achieves the service goal of "exceeding customer expectations and industry standards" with first-class quality, speed, and attitude


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